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"One of the greatest challenges to healthcare provision across the globe is the lack of infrastructure and relevant human resource. We believe this can be improved by adopting innovation and technology like Mahiri-Telehealth’s RemoteCare™ for remote diagnostics and maximising specialist resources to improve productivity" 


Telehealth solutions proved service scope and extends reach to hard-to-reach places, whether it is due to conflict, terrain, proximity of facilities or patient issues.


Technology and digital systems also enable better predictive analysis to be conduct to support healthcare professionals in assessing both human and disease behaviours to better understand patterns and the impact on health provision needs. 


At Mahiri-Telehealth we believe providing consistent high quality preventative, diagnostic and aftercare services through telehealth for patient wellbeing is fundamental for changing healthcare delivery globally.


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Our Vision


"We envision a world where their is ample resource - people assisted by technology to enable high quality healthcare delivery to communities that are rural, remote & underserved and where the focus shifts to point of prevention, care in the home and community…"


Our Mission


"Our mission is to increase the number of people across the world with access to high quality and affordable healthcare through early intervention using Telehealth solutions"


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