Are you a dermatologist practice or practitioner looking to transform your services to patients and clients? 


We now live in a 24*7*365 service world where those you are serving expect to continuously engage with you from anywhere and at anytime.  With DermaDX™ our telehealth solution for dermatologists you will be able to innovate to meet your customer needs and improve the quality of service you offer.


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Questions Dermatologists Ask Us?


Q: How can DermaDX benefit my practice and patients? A: DermaDX™ will enable you to conduct virtual consultations, review diagnostic images remotely, provide patient education and counselling, monitor chronic conditions, coordinate referrals, and engage in collaborative care with colleagues—all while improving patient access to care and convenience.


Q: What are some of the things I need to consider in adopting a telehealth solution for my practice?  A: You should evaluate any telehealth solution based on your business workflow integration, diagnostic capabilities, patient engagement features, security and privacy measures, availability of technical support and training resources, and where necessary, the ease with which the solution can facilitate billing and reimbursement processes.  Click to access more information on DermaDX™ features.


Q: How can I use your solution to effectively serve existing and new patients both near and far?  A: You  can leverage DermaDX™ for virtual consultations, diagnostic imaging review, education and counselling, and follow-up care. Additionally, you can create hub and spoke, peer-to-peer resource and expertise structures for joined-up working i.e. for your teledermatology networks and multidisciplinary consultations.


Q: So, what steps can I take to ensure successful implementation of telehealth in our practice?

A: If you adopt any one of the DermaDX™ solutions, you are investing in a robust telehealth platform.  We will also work with your HR & People Teams and your Technology Department to ensure your staff are trained on your organisation’s new telehealth workflows and protocols.


 And: If you acquire a Fully Managed DemaDX™ Platinum we will form part of your strategy and implementation team and assist with redesigning and introducing clear policies, procedures and processes for your client and user engagement through to reimbursement, billing and management.


We will continuously evaluate and optimise practices based on internal and client feedback.  This means your telehealth solution will continue to meet your long-term needs.



Ways Dermatologists Can Use DermaDX™ For Quality Care Delivery


  • Free up GP time - DermaDX empowers nurses and other healthcare practitioners e.g. pharmacists, paramedics, physician associates, optometrists, physiotherapists, etc., to assess and treat a broad range of patients, freeing up doctor time independently and confidently.


  • Effective Resource Planning and Operations Management - 3 key areas DermaDX enables practices and practitioners to effectively manage are (a) efficient use of clinical resources, (b) increased capacity and (c) reduced patient waiting times.  DermaDX can be integrated into the various stages of the care process to support investigate, diagnose, treat and discharge, whiles working with other providers for post-treatment care.


  • Collaborative working  - is one of the key areas DermaDX facilitates.  It enables healthcare professionals of all types to work across individual practices, extended access to health hubs and referral units and provide home visiting services, particularly in underserved areas or where professional resources are scarce.  This creates more access for patients as GP capacity is freed up for more complex consultations.


  • DermaDX - enables dermatological practices and practitioners to increase the range of conditions that can be seen and independently managed by nurses and other professional health workers.  If this is not already an approached used, it provides an opportunity to introduce a diversified approach to to existing workflows and processes broadening reach for community care services and managing workforce shortages.


  • DermaDX  - reduces the number of inappropriate referrals sent form multiple referral sites to a hub or specialist practice/department. The referral pathway information can also be tailored as part of the workflow process, helping improve the quality of referrals.


Click to access more information on DermaDX™ features.


DermaDX is ideal for dermatological care needs and skin health management.  It is particularly designed to support the management of:


While some of the benefits highlighted are generic to other telehealth solutions e.g., virtual consultations, remote monitoring and perscription management, DermaDX's high-quality image compression features are uniquely designed for supporting dermatology:


  • Diagnostic Imaging Creation: The dermatologists take the images and are in control of all session images.  This means there is added security and no passing of images from patient device to practitioner's device.  All images taken are also current and a true representation of the skin condition at the point in time; this is relevant for accurate analysis by the dermatologist.

  • Teledermatology Networks (TDMs): This involves collaborating with primary care providers or specialists and can include remote or underserved areas. Various referral and working structures including peer-to-peer, specialisations and hub and spoke can be implemented specifically for addressing dermatological concerns.

  • Multidisciplinary Consultations: Dermatologists may also engage in consultations with other specialties, such as oncology or rheumatology, for comprehensive care of skin-related conditions, which is unique to dermatology's interdisciplinary nature.


If the business challenges above resonante with any of your issues DermaDX is for you.  From our dermatologist solutions DermaDX, DermaDX Pro and DermaDX Platinum™, we can provide the relevant solutions and tools to support you and your practice with secure medical-grade tools for remote accurate diagnosing of skin conditions. 


Our high-resolution image viewing and diagnostics, and comprehensive data capturing tools for virtual examination capabilities are the perfect solution for you. Click to access more information on DermaDX™ features.


Contact us and let's discuss how we can get you up and running in no time with either one of our SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions DermaDX or DermaDX Pro our integrated solution or a Fully Managed DermaDX Platinum option.


If you are interested in collaborating with us to improve client care, get in touch to find out about our referral scheme.  


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