"MTPN is a professional resource management and recruiting organisation with the sole purpose of enrolling local and international professionals to provide global scope and reach for projects and  resources to work alongside local institutions that have acquired Mahiri RemoteCare™ for telehealth services delivery to their local communities"


Connecting Telehealth Professionals

For Local & Global Reach 



Mahiri Professionals Network

The Mahiri-Telehealth Professional Network (MTPN) is a not-for-profit division of Mahiri-Telehealth Limited 


A Membership Service: Mahiri-Telehealth Professionals Network (MTPN) is made up of nominated and approved diaspora doctors, international and home-grown doctors who sign-up for membership to support local healthcare institutions. 


Join Up  From Q4 2019, interested parties can register for participation in programmes/initiatives supporting institutions and communities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada, Japan and Caribbeans.  If you are from another country/region or have a project interest outside these regions and are interested in MTPN for your institution please Get in touch using the form below.


Working With Local Authorities For Registration


MTPN is a subscription-based membership network:  Individual members must be fully registered medical practitioners with current license(s) from their local Medical & Dental Council (or equivalent).  You are also required to have up-to-date licence(s) to practice in the country in which they wish to contract for services. 


Approval is through certification via Mahiri-Telehealth’s local Medical & Dental Council (or equivalent) partners.  If you would like to work locally but do not have up-to-date registration Get In Touch to find out about your options.


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