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MTPN was conceived in 2014 in response to some of the challenges observed while working on RemoteCare™ telemedicine pilots in the rural parts of Ghana.  In 2015 a structure was created to provide local healthcare institutions additional resource capacity for healthcare delivery using telemedicine. 




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Working In Partnership


MTPN is a partnership that intends to deliver short-term resource capacity to support the needs of local public and private institutions and special projects through international donor organisations.


Between 2015 and 2018 Mahiri-Telehealth held discussions with the Medical & Dental Council of Ghana to form a framework and operating model to managing the network.  This has been expanded upon to create the MTPN model and practices for engaging with other international Medical & Dental Councils (or equivalent) globally.


Working with the local authorities and institutions responsible for healthcare delivery, MTPN aims to create a telehealth support framework built on excellence, integrity, professionalism and passion for the community.


Get in touch.  If you this is of interest to you and you would like to find out more about what we do, complete the form below.  If you are ready to join and want to find out more view our joining pages for individual professionals and institutions.


Get Involved


Members of MTPN work alongside local institutions.  MTPN professionals support: public and private hospitals, community centres and clinics, emergency, rescue and disaster recovery services, post disaster reconstruction programmes and more.


If you are seeking a way to contribute (full time, short term project, weekly or in your spare time) to support quality healthcare delivery in your local market or your are looking to serve in an international capacity, MTPN may be the way to get engaged. 


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