RemoteCare™ solutions are designed to empower healthcare professionals across sectors, including Primary Care, Community Care, Urgent Care, Secondary Care, and Training & Education.


We believe in harnessing the power of technology to transform healthcare delivery


You can purchase one of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions as a standalone or integrated into your existing applications portfolio. Click for more info on features and capabilities.


We are enabling healthcare institutions, international and local health projects, and individual care practitioners to leverage cutting-edge telehealth technology to deliver enhanced patient care, improve business process efficiency, and promote collaboration and communication among teams of medics, including doctors, nurses, specialists, management, and patients and more.


Diagnostic Care - Preventative Care - Aftercare


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RemoteCare™ helps in streamlining primary care workflows.  Features support virtual consultations, remote monitoring, secure communication channels between patients and general practitioners (GPs) and more. Click for more info on features and capabilities.


If you are looking to improve your service offering to patients by reducing unnecessary clinic visits, optimise appointment scheduling, and enable your medics and other professional staff to focus on high-priority cases whiles you provide timely care to patients with non-urgent concerns then this is the solution for you.


RemoteCare™ facilitates seamless communication and coordination among multidisciplinary teams, including community nurses, social workers, and allied health professionals. Our platform enables real-time information sharing as well as timed asynchronous patient-medic engagements for minor issues and queries resolution and more. 


Our aim is to support governments and local authorities with community support strategies that encourage clients to remain in their homes and communities, whiles receiving quality care. Click for more info on features and capabilities.


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Community Care & Outreach Initiatives:  In the realm of community care, Mahiri RemoteCare™ is exemplary and an ideal solution for supporting people living in the community, especially those with chronic conditions or complex care needs that require homecare support.   


Deploy RemoteCare™ for your community outreach and research projects and initiatives. 


Advisory & Consultancy: If you need assistance with the planning and implementation of your Community Care & Outreach Initiatives, Mahiri-Telehealth's Advisory & Consulting can assist you with the ideas formation, design, implementation and management. 


Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can assist you.  Contact us and find out about work we have done with clients in some of the most complex locations internationally. 


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Homecare Services: RemoteCare™ is also utilised for homecare delivery together with our remote monitoring solutions such as Evexia™ for improved preventative care and responsive care delivery to clients in their homes. 


RemoteCare™ enables care organisations to enhance their services with sophisticated data gathering and reporting.  This means your homecare organisation can now become a central part of the client’s extended care team, working with community nurses, the patient’s doctor, physiotherapist, dermatologist, optician etc.


Afterall, we know the daily monitoring of the client’s condition is a fundament part of providing preventative care approaches for the client’s disease management and well-being.


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Urgent and Emergency Care: our RemoteCare™ solution enables rapid triaging, symptom assessment, and virtual consultations, allowing patients to receive timely care without the need for physical appointments.  


Whatever your health support structural design is between institutions, departments, and specialist groups, RemoteCare™ will enable you to connect patients with urgent care and emergency providers through secure real-time-virtual consultations and asynchronous sessions with professional teams and specialists. 


RemoteCare™ will help you manage and improve your waiting room challenges by alleviating overcrowding in your emergency departments whiles ensuring patients receive appropriate care based on their level of needs.



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Secondary Care Settings: Mahiri RemoteCare™ enhances collaboration and communication among specialists, consultants, and other healthcare professionals.


Our platform is more than a WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Teams, or Google Meet Call, and facilitates virtual multidisciplinary case diagnostics and referencing for second opinions, enabling efficient care coordination and treatment and planning for complex medical conditions. Click for more info on features and capabilities.


Additionally, our RemoteCare™ solution supports remote imaging reviews, enabling specialists to assess medical images captured and provide timely interpretations without the need for in-person consultations. Click for more info on features and capabilities.


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Insurance & Payment: RemoteCare™ also supports the inclusion of telehealth as part of standardised public health charging schemes and national health insurance frameworks e.g. NHS, NHIS etc. 


Private healthcare institutions can also effectively incorporate RemoteCare™ as part of their health payment plans. Get in touch to discuss your proposed plans and implementations.


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Training, Learning & Development: Whether you are teaching from the ward or linking multiple classrooms, Mahiri RemoteCare™ also serves as a valuable tool for medical education and training.  


Mahiri-Telehealth works closely with its partner The Learning Nuggets Company Limited to support clients with developing learning content, digital learning environments and a variety of training and eMentoring tools. 


If you are a large institution planning an organisation-wide training programme for your medical workforce, get in touch to discuss how we can support you with you interactive virtual learning modules, webinars, and eMentoring sessions, allowing your healthcare professionals to enhance their and AI and VR learning for clinical skills development.


The speed of change happening in the medical field today means healthcare professionals must engage in continuous learning and knowledge sharing.  Mahiri-Telehealth’s objective is to empower you and your teams to deliver high-quality learning and development solutions for Just-in-Time (JIT) learning and collaborative learning using digital technologies.



"Committed to making a difference to healthcare delivery through telehealth" 


Mahiri-Telehealth has engaged in telehealth solutions design and service provision since 2014.  We believe telehealth and digital health solutions, including AI, will not only improve services for preventative care, diagnostic care and aftercare to many in the well connected and served areas, but offers opportunities to provide quality care for underserved individuals living in rural and remote areas globally.  Mahiri-Telehealth is here to support organisations and projects with similar vision.  


Our aim is to support our clients and Affiliate Partners in delivering excellent services through managed telehealth solutions.


Let us help you unlock new opportunities for improving patient care, enhancing collaboration, and driving operational efficiency across your institution and healthcare delivery continuum.  



Get in touch and let us help you in shaping the future of your service offering.