"Wound Management is part of Mahiri HomeCare's portfolio of services. Like everything else we do, we combine advanced digital technologies to the processes of healthcare provision"

We specialise in different forms of wounds from chronic, non-healing wounds, employment related wounds to buluri ulcers.  Using a combination of our RemoteCare™ diagnostics, telehealth consultations and qualified professionals, we can assess your conditiion and provide effective solutions for all your needs. 

We are here to support your wound care requirements at home, and where agreed with your physician, at your healthcare facility - hospital, clinic or care home.


"Mahiri HomeCare is commited to delivering high-quality, cost-effective treatment tailored to our clients' individual care needs, promote their recovery and well-being."


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Our dedicated team of qualified professional nurses and experts can assess your condition and identify the appropriate treatment for you.  We also work in conjunction with your doctor or referring physician or surgeon to collaborate on delivering an effective overall care plan.


Wound Management Care for the Elderly


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With the growing number of the elderly in the community living independently or with family, many have chronic co-morbidities and our goal is to reduce the number of Return to Acute Care Hospital readmissions, improve client health outcomes, while at the same time reducing the cost of wound care for our clients. 



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We combine our RemoteCare™ and Telehealth approaches guided by professional qualified nurses working with our Remote Healthcare Advisors, Virtual Healthcare Experts and Teleconsult Specialists (local or international) to deliver high-quality services to our clients.  This enables us to serve clients locally (please contact us for locations) and internationally. 



Tube Management


Additionally, we provide tube management services for catherters and bedside management such as feeding at home.  Our licensed and experienced experts are able to assess your condition and provide effective solutions, and we collaborate with your personal physician or surgeon to workout a comprehensive health plan to improve your overall health and well-being.




We provide comprehensive consultations and excellent treatment for our clients.  All our services start with an Assessment from a senior nurse, where we capture every aspect of your wound condition and general health condition.  An assessment is also conducted by our team even if you are referred by your physicial or surgeon. 

Additionally, we engage in consultations with either party where necessary.  If we are working in conjunction with your physician or surgeon, a joint wound management plan will be designed for you which will form part of the ongoing evaluation process.  

An Evaluation Process is built into every client health plan to assess progress during the course of treatment.


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