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“Professional Excellence & Quality Of Service For The Elderly, Prenatal & Postnatal Women & The Sick”


Giving You Freedom & Flexibility


Many elderly people prefer to remain living in their homes if they are physically able. There are advantages in so doing and it can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health to stay in the place you love and represents a life well-lived and enjoyed. 


Living at home often also means you can remain a central part of the family and close to your children and grandchildren, old friends, wider community, favourite pets and possessions.  Mahiri HomeCare’s service options including: live-in care, on-call, shift and agency enable you to choose the care package that best supports your needs.  Regardless of the type of service you choose, we will  personalise it to meet your exact requirements.  How we do this is we create your support plan to reflect your daily routines and preferences and monitor your care delivery daily and over time to ensure your care is fine tuned to reflect your ongoing needs.  Currently, our homecare services are available in Ghana and will launch in the UK in 2024.


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Flexible Service


Mahiri HomeCare offers services that are flexible to meet your every need. If you only need a Professional Health Worker (PHW) during the night because your family supports you during the day?  No problem, we can be with your during the night.  


You may need us once or twice a week when you go out to your regular place of worship, clubs or activities, or perhaps you want someone with you around the clock for care and constant companionship?  We can be there for you, as flexibly as you need us to be, from just one (1) hour a week.  Our service options include:


Live-in: Mahiri HomeCare Live-in PHWs ensure you remain comfortably cared for around the clock in your own home.  Mahiri HomeCare Live-in includes:


  • One-to-one, personalised, around the clock care from a dedicated carer
  • You dictate your routines and preferences
  • You decide what food you eat and when
  • You can remain with your family, partner and pets


On-call: You may need to arrange care for short regular visits by a PHW over an agreed time period (hours in a day, week, month etc) or you may require a one-off care visit call.

Shift: Our shift care is conducted over a longer period during the day (minimum 4 hours).  Typical shifts cover morning shifts or evening shifts.  Shifts may also be required over a 24-hour period managed by two dedicated PHWs.

Agency: Our Agency service is for clients who require Mahiri HomeCare to help them find a trained and experienced nurse.  Mahiri HomeCare will provide an experienced nurse who has been vetted and provided basic training and the necessary on-the-job orientation required for delivering homecare to the client.  Mahiri HomeCare is not responsible for the ongoing management of agency staff once they start working with the client (and on client premises).


Conditions & Illnesses Supported


We support all types of client conditions and needs.  From basic hygiene and feeding, companionship services through to more complex health needs, Mahiri HomeCare has a solution for you or your loved one. Click here for a full list.


Flexible Payment Plans


Our prices are competitive and affordable, with no hidden costs.  You only pay for what you need and what we quote for; including purchased variations. This means, if you only have low level care needs or just require a bit of extra professional health support then it is a very cost-effective way of receiving additional professional support at home.  


Our live-in care service is charged monthly rather than hourly. You will receive a personalised care experience supported by wellness plans, remote diagnostics and consultations and remote monitoring when you need it.  Learn more about our service charges and fees.

Retained independence


Just because you require care and support at home doesn’t mean you want to relinquish your independence, stop doing things for yourself or not make those important decisions.

Our amazing carers will always ensure that you remain at the centre of your care journey and that everything they do for you is because you request it, and because of your flexible and individualised support plan, they will know your likes and dislike and what they need to do day by day.


Companionship & Holistic Care


At Mahiri HomeCare, we believe in a comprehensive approach to providing clients good quality home care.  Our view is our client’s health can be improved not only by their physical health but also by their social health, spiritual health and emotional well-being.  That is why we have introduced our spiritual mentoring sessions with our qualified spiritual mentoring coach.  Get in touch to learn more.


Familiar surroundings


There is nothing that can come close to remaining in your own beloved home when you require care, and thanks to our visiting and live-in services you will always be taken care of to the very highest standards.  Even if you have complex care needs, there is no need at all for you to leave your home and move into residential care, as our compassionate and professional care teams will be able to support you fully in the home you love.


Remaining in familiar surroundings can be particularly beneficial for a person who is living with mental problems or dementia, as being in a place that gives feelings of comfort and safety can help to reduce an individual’s anxiety and confusion.


Staying in your community

If you’ve lived in your beloved home for many years you will likely be an established member of your local community too e.g. church, mosque or temple, which means you may be reluctant to leave it and relocate to a new area.  With care from Mahiri HomeCare, there is no need to move away from an area you enjoy living in, because your PHW come to you.


Family focus


Family can continue to be the centre of your world if you remain living with them or when they come to visit you in your home.  It is important to know you can have the next generation of your family run around your home and enjoy your space.  This extends to your wider family, social and community groups.  You can decide how often they are there, not external staff, so whether you want your house filled with laughter and play or quiet reflection, you are in control, always.


Talk to us today: Complete the form or call us: +233 (0) 262 243997/ +233 (0) 599 722652. Tell us about how Mahiri HomeCare can support you in safely remaining in your own home.  Complete the form and we will get back to you.  Our friendly operations team and customer care advisors are available seven days a week to advise you about your care options.