Professional Excellence & Digital Innovation

We are strong advocates of applying digital technology for efficiency improvement.  Our philosophy is technology must also serve to enhance the activities of nurses, doctors and institutions who are at the frontline and work in public and private sector healthcare to deliver better quality of service; telehealth represents more than a lifestyle application accessible by a few.


Mahiri-Telehealth's underlying technology Mahiri RemoteCare™ with its real-time remote diagnostics and electronic patient record and communications technology running on mobile network infrastructure enables us to provide secure managed delivery environments for patient care, service delivery, service scope and reach. 


Our aim is to improve collaborative working and joined-up care delivery through the stages of preventative care, diagnostic care and aftercare:


  • Mahiri-telehealth’s innovative services Mahiri RemoteCare™ and Mahiri Research enable institutions to integrate digital technologies and data-driven decisions for comprehensive workflow processes to better serve communities globally. 

  • Mahiri-Telehealth’s Professional Network is the channel via which individual professionals can register to work closely with local institutions to boost local resources/specialist knowhow, work on specific projects and international programmes. 

  • Mahiri HomeCare is the channel through which Mahiri-Telehealth provides direct home care services to clients in select markets.  We have a strong focus on home care for the elderly.



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